Change Hotmail password


The simplest and fastest way to protect all information in Hotmail is to change your password frequently. When you change your Hotmail password means changing your Microsoft account password, keeping your Hotmail account information secure. Changing your Hotmail password is as simple as changing your Gmail or Yahoo mail password.

Now we will guide you step by step change the Hotmail password to protect your account.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to sign in Hotmail account.

Step 2:

At the interface of the Hotmail mailbox, click on the image icon on the top of the screen. Then select View account.

view Hotmail account

Step 3:

We will be moving to a new tab. In the new interface, you select the Change password.

Step 4:

Microsoft will ask the user to enter the Hotmail account email address to receive the security code . Enter your email address in the box below and click Submit code . Or if you already have a security code, just click on the I have code to enter the code.

After that, Microsoft will send a confirmation code to the email account you just entered. We just need to get that code and enter the required fields. Click Submit (Send).

Step 5:

The password change interface appears. Here you will see the name of your Microsoft account and the items to fill.

Underneath, you will be given the option to set my password change every 72 days. By checking this box, the system will inform you that you need to change your password after 72 days from the date of the new password.

After you have filled in the information, click Save (Save) to proceed with setting up a new password.

Step 6:

Then a new message board appears with the new password saved and the new password change date.

Thus, you have completed the steps to change the new password for Hotmail, with very simple steps and easy to implement. Make sure you change your Gmail password frequently.


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