Want to use your Hotmail address to retrieve e-mail from Outlook, but do not know where to sign in? Worse, you forgot the password for your mailbox? We shows you how to login to Hotmail and reset your Hotmail password.

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is Windows Live Hotmail, usually referred to as Hotmail. This is a popular Webmail service. And Hotmail is considered as the “originator” in the field of Webmails when it was created by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1996. Hotmail is now regarded as the popular email service in the top nowadays in the world with the It’s easy to sign up and bring you lots of cool gadgets with Microsoft’s popular office suite or high capacity storage and streaming.Hotmail outlook

If you are looking for Hotmail these days, you will always end up with Microsoft’s Outlook E-mail service. This is because Hotmail has not existed since 2012. Outlook took place and is therefore the official successor. So, if you want to sign in Hotmail account, go to In the following steps, we will explain how you do this.

How to Login (Outlook)

Of course, you do not necessarily have an Outlook address to log into, even old Hotmail addresses are still accepted. In the transition in 2012, Microsoft has given users the freedom to provide their email address to another end. You can access the login page via the following link: 

There are also Hotmail accounts ending with “”, “”, “” and “”. Alternatively, you can log on to, as Microsoft continues to support these ends.

First, call the start page of Outlook, formerly Hotmail. Now click the “Sign In” button.

Now enter your “”, “” or “” address then click on “Next”. Make sure you include your full email address.

Hotmail sign in 2

In the next step, enter your password and click “Next”.

Forgot your Hotmail password?

You have forgotten your Hotmail password or something, this is not too bad. Click “Can’t access my account” in the password entry window.

 Now go to a new window. Here, you can choose why you want to reset your password. You have chosen the reason, click the “Next” button.

Now your email address has been specified. You also need to enter the random letters you see in the box. Click “Next”.

In the next step, you will be redirected to your default backup method or you will need to select a backup method. If you need to select a window, the window will look like this. If the backup e-mail address has been saved, select “E-mail to …….”. And If you have an authentication app, select “Use the app.”

If none of these apply to your backup method, you must select “I do not have this information.” Click “Next”.

The last chance to reset your password is to send a message to the contact email address. Type in this field and click on “Next”. You will now receive an e-mail from Microsoft on this email address. With these things, you can reset your old password and choose a new password.

Safety Tips – You should pay attention to this

If you believe others have access to your account, your data may have been stolen by a phishing attack.

Also, you should be careful that you have no typos in the URL and this is spelled correctly. Because with the smallest clerical error you may be redirected to a phishing site. The exact URL is always Also check whether there is an encrypted HTTPS connection. You can know by the green lock in the URL bar of your browser. If you are still looking for a suitable browser, please check out our linked download archive.

Problem with login information

You entered the correct password and all other information is correct, but you still can not sign in? There may be a problem with the server. You can check this with our detector. If you have problems receiving and sending e-mails, you will find a solution to your problem in the linked article.